Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies – a small piece of data, which is stored on the user's computer or any device by the user's web browser. Depending on the browser, this data is stored either in small separate files, or a common file, which records the data of all browsed websites.

Cookies are used by numerous advanced websites in Lithuania and around the globe and can be stored only if your device settings allow it. There are different types of cookies, and websites would not function without them in the way you are used to them functioning.

For example, not using cookies, which confirm that you are logged in, would mean that the website would either not know that it needs to show your profile, or the website would repeatedly display "Error: You must login", since it would not recognize that you are logged in.

In accordance with new legislation, we have prepared a detailed description of cookies used on our website, so that you could decide for yourself if they satisfy you, or if you would rather delete the present cookies, or maybe even disable cookie usage in

Cookie usage on

Cookies on are used to determine whether or not the users of your device have visited our website, to remember the user‘s actions taken on the website (for instance, choosing the language of the website), as well as to collect the overall statistics of how often the website is visited.

List of cookies used on

Cookie name


Time of validity


Used to recognize users.

2 years


Used to recognize users.

24 hours


Used for controlling traffic.

1 year


Allows faster browsing for the user

1 year


These cookies are used to collect site statistics and monitor conversion rates.

1 month


Saves Google Maps settings

2 years


App for cookie policy display

20 years


Digitized and encrypted user account (s) Google Account IDs and recent sign-in records.

2 years


A unique ID that Google remembers the preferences and other information

6 months


Uses Google to save user preferences and information about Google Maps

2 years


Security cookie to protect user data from unauthorized access

3 months


Cookies are set by the Google+ tool; they allow you to integrate the Google+ plugin on the site.

2 years


Google Ad Customization

2 years


Google Analytics cookie used for site traffic information

1 month

By browsing on you agree to have cookies saved on your computer or other device. You can change that at any time by changing the settings on your web browser and deleting the cookies that have been saved. You can find information on how to do soon the support pages of these web browsers:

IP addresses

An IP address is a number, by which individual computers or other devices that are used to connect to the internet are recognized and distinguished from one another. In most cases, the server automatically collects IP addresses and uses them in running the website. IP addresses are usually used along with cookies so that the latter could remember computers or other devices used to connect to this website. This website uses IP addresses along with cookies.

Answering your questions

If any questions or inquiries arise in regard to the information presented here, please contact us by e-mail: